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Can I Turn a Silly Passion into a Business?


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“It All Started with a Mouse” – Walt Disney

Walt Disney’s story is a perfect example of how a (some would say) “silly” passion can turn into a successful business.

It’s pretty safe to say at least one or two people thought it was a crazy idea to start an animation business. Let alone, build an amusement park on your own, surrounded by a bunch of cute cartoon characters.

No matter how crazy it may seem to others. If you are passionate about something, chances are, someone else is too. Even if it turns out no one else is, it doesn’t mean you’re on the wrong track. Maybe you are on the verge of bringing to life something the world didn’t realize they needed or hasn’t been created yet. The trick is balancing realistic expectations, taking chances and finding the right path. This is the case with any business.

All this being said, can you turn your silly passion into a business? Yes you can, but do you really want to?

Before you dive right in, you may want to ask yourself.

~ Do you really want to turn your passion into a business venture?

If you want your company to succeed, (and who doesn’t?) your main focus will turn to making money and the every day running of your business.

Passions are often related to something we enjoy doing as a hobby, for stress relief, holiday, or other enjoyable activity.

~ Are you really ready to build your business, and your life, around it?

 ~ Consider whether you will enjoy your passion once it’s mixed with business. 

~ Will this make you happy?

I’ll be following up on these thoughts and more. Be sure to check back for of my continuing series on creating the life you want. Or subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss a thing!

~ Lori


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