Hello Life

The Worst New Year’s Resolution Ever!

Making a resolution is easy right? After the christmas hustle and bustle is over before you can sit down and relax everyone’s asking what your resolution for 2016 is? Sometimes we’re terrible for making the worst new years resolution ever because we never stick to them. Here’s 3 ways you can stick to those resolutions you make , proving everyone wrong and seeing them through to the coming new year!

  1. Make your resolution realistically achievable!

  2. (rather than trying to climb mountains make the goal something within your reach).
  3. Do it with a friend

  4. ( it’s more fun this way, they can nag you and vice versa to stick to your resolution!)
  5. Stay focused and remind yourself why you’re doing it!

  6. (Set reminders on the day’s you intend to fulfill your resolutions , making sticky notes where you’ll find them to gently remind yourself why you’re doing this and that you’re in it for the long run).

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