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You Cheeky Sod! : How Not To Be Too Creatively Tenacious!

Now we’ve all heard “If you don’t ask, you don’t get!”. Whilst this is true – and rather than be a shy creative you have to be your own go getter to source those creative opportunities! However, there is a case of being too tenacious when it comes to this exciting creative venture of yours. And here’s my 2 cents worth!

1. Ask – But Give Something Back

There are people who can help you to get to where you want to. However, if you’d love their time, advice and help then its important to give something back. By doing good and paying it back to someone it heightens their impression of you and what opportunities may come your way!

2. Be Realistic

Be realistic about what people can do for you and what will come from the relationships you build. It isn’t always going to be that one person gives you all the answers. However, appreciate the time they do spare and they may even forward you to someone else who can help you more.

Have a lovely day my lovelies and I hope you enjoyed this little post!


Kate Leonard is an inky illustrator and writer based in Staffordshire UK.


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