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Question: What’s wrong with my shop? People are visiting, but no one is buying?
Try not to worry too much. The hardest part is getting visitors. Everyone has good and bad times. It’s about perseverance, analysis and looking at things from the customer’s perspective.

One of the first things to look at is the overall design of your site. Whether it be online or in person. Try to look at things with an objective eye. As if you aren’t the owner, and are there to make a purchase.
What kind of message are you sending? Is everything clean, organized and cohesive? If your online, are the photos bright, styled and inviting? Maybe you need to restyle your photos, make them look cohesive and on brand.

What are you selling? It could be you’ve sparked people’s curiosity, but they aren’t in the market for what you’re selling. Or don’t know what it is. Or why they should buy it. Teaching (or showing) people more about what you’re offering so they realize maybe it is something they could use to improve their lives. This can be done with lifestyle photos in the listing showing how it’s used, along with blog and social media posts showing the same. Better yet, consider adding instructional videos where appropriate. Instagram Story your products showing what they look like in person.

Is your shop full? Maybe you need to think about adding to your product line. Think about it. If you went to a store and they only had 20 items on the shelf , you may go there once. Would you go back again? Possibly, but you’d probably visit the shop down the street with a wide variety of products to choose from.

Check your descriptions. Have you answered questions people will be asking themselves? Such as size, color, weight, style, material, what to use the product for.

Take a look at your shipping costs. Make sure they are correct. Sometimes in setting up the shop, it’s a bit tricky to get them set correctly. Do you have your shipping policies and time frames listed? Are there any special circumstances they may need to consider such as customs or other taxes? What countries do you, or don’t you, ship to?

Check analytics. Your stats can tell you a lot about how much time people are spending on your site, what they are clicking on, etc. Hone in on the things that seem to be popular and see if there’s a way to capitalize on them.

If you have abandoned carts, it could be your shipping costs, or there wasn’t enough selection available to justify the purchase. Or you don’t ship to their location.

If you have a hard time looking at things objectively, ask a friend who will give you an unbiased, constructive assessment of your business.

After you’ve taken a good hard look at things it’s time to access the tweaks you may need to make. This is a good practice to get in the habit of no matter how many sales you do or don’t have. Every once in a while take a step and look at things from the customers point of view. It can shine a light on things you aren’t seeing because you’re wrapped up in it everyday.

This is really an overview of where to start. Be sure to follow along as I’ll be answering more questions. Let me know how these tips work for you and what other areas you’d like to see me cover.

Let me how these tips work for Make it a great week my friends!! Lori xx


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