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Questions 💕 Answers 

Happy Weekend Everyone! Are you feeling like you have questions that answers? This is your chance! Next week I'll be answering your most pressing questions about life, business and everything in between...so ask away! Leave a comment below or message me here http://www.hellolorrey.com/contact.html Enjoy your weekend! đź’• Be sure to subscribe for more questions and… Continue reading Questions đź’• Answers 

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Questions…and Answers 

Question: What's wrong with my shop? People are visiting, but no one is buying? Try not to worry too much. The hardest part is getting visitors. Everyone has good and bad times. It's about perseverance, analysis and looking at things from the customer's perspective. One of the first things to look at is the overall… Continue reading Questions…and Answers 

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True or False?

Do you think this is true? (I think it is! Often times we are willing to see the good in others first before we see it on outselves) Are you following your dreams, afraid to, or just don't know how to get there? Comment below...What are you struggling with the most, what's holding you back?… Continue reading True or False?

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Feeling like you aren’t getting anything done? 

Don't over schedule yourself. We often schedule more than we can actually complete. Schedule less and complete more so you won't feel deflated and look forward to your accomplishments. If you have a business, consider hiring help. You may feel like you can't afford it.  Consider trading services with someone else. Hire an intern or… Continue reading Feeling like you aren’t getting anything done? 

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How To Create A Routine and Accomplish More

Courtesy of Purple Snapdragons by Lori Reynolds Create a routine and stick to it. Not only will you get more done, but you'll feel better about yourself. 5 Tips For Creating A Routine  Start of with something easy. Otherwise you may feel defeated too soon if you pick an impossible task. Ease into it and don't… Continue reading How To Create A Routine and Accomplish More

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Can a Stay at Home Mom or Housewife Run a Business?

"If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it." ~ William Arthur Ward Hello Everyone! Today I’ll be talking a little bit about starting your own business or a new career. A quick answer to this question...Why, yes, of course you can! Remember all start at the beginning...… Continue reading Can a Stay at Home Mom or Housewife Run a Business?

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Am I Too Old?

"You're Never Too Old To Follow Your Dreams" So much of our society here in the U.S. focuses on youth, and most companies follow suit. To be honest, it boggles my mind. Older adults have so much to offer. Not only in business, as customers, but as people. In business terms, I suppose the thought is… Continue reading Am I Too Old?

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Turning Your Passion into a Business…Are you Ready?

Before you put a lot of time and effort into creating your new business, test the waters. ~ Do Your Research Look at other businesses. How profitable are they? What makes them stand out? Analyze their customers. Do they have needs that aren't being addressed? What might you do differently? ~ Talk to Others Without giving away a lot… Continue reading Turning Your Passion into a Business…Are you Ready?

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Can I Turn a Silly Passion into a Business?

  "It All Started with a Mouse" - Walt Disney Walt Disney's story is a perfect example of how a (some would say) "silly" passion can turn into a successful business. It's pretty safe to say at least one or two people thought it was a crazy idea to start an animation business. Let alone, build an… Continue reading Can I Turn a Silly Passion into a Business?